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Gains and Losses

19/04/2012 | Posted in Bookkeeping

It would probably be ideal if business and life were as simple as producing goods, selling them and recording the profits. But there are often circumstances that disrupt the cycle, and it’s part of the accountants job to report these as well. Changes in the business climate, or cost of goods or any number of …

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Inventory and expenses

19/04/2012 | Posted in Bookkeeping

Inventory is usually the largest current asset of a business that sells products. If the inventory account is greater at the end of the period than at the start of the reporting period, the amount the business actually paid in cash for that inventory is more than what the business recorded as its cost of …

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Advertising using Power Words

19/04/2012 | Posted in Advertising

Word cannot only influence the minds of people but can completely change their perception abut a particular thing. Words have the persuasion power to entice and motivate. They are used by the politicians, public relations personals, and even by parents to pass on their message. These words are known as power words and they can …

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Accounting Principles

19/04/2012 | Posted in Bookkeeping

If everyone involved in the process of accounting followed their own system, or no system at all, there’s be no way to truly tell whether a company was profitable or not. Most companies follow what are called generally accepted accounting principles, or GAAP, and there are huge tomes in libraries and bookstores devoted to just …

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Click Fraud

19/04/2012 | Posted in Adsense, PPC

If you’re using AdWords or AdSense you must have heard about an emerging practice in the underworld of computing called “click fraud”. But what exactly is click fraud and how is it accomplished? Well AdSense uses a payment mechanism that awards a certain amount of money to a publisher (someone who holds an AdSense banner …

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