Facebook Instant Articles Vs AdSense, The Complete Guide.

Before we discuss Facebook Instant Articles we should start with the Social Media. Social media is an integral part of online marketing strategies for the success of any business. Research indicates that nearly every adult in the U.S has a social media profile with a majority of them owning a Facebook account which means that Facebook is a popular social hub that may generate a lot of user traffic. Facebook Instant Articles is the newest addition to Facebook that promises a huge impact on the future of online marketing. This feature simply allows an entire post on your website to be displayed within a Facebook mobile app.

How Facebook Instant Articles Works

Facebook Instant Articles allows publishers to post their original work on Facebook with fast loading times. Instant Articles like the name suggests load at least 10 times faster than the ordinary ones. Articles can be identified instantly with the “lightning bolt” sign. Users are less likely to abandon or ignore these articles due to their instant access. Facebook Instant Articles deliver a rich interface with rich videos, images and map 3D views that appeal to consumers of online content. Social media marketing is meant to generate revenue and although you can not make money directly using Facebook, Facebook Instant Articles allows the publisher to insert ads through the facebook advertisement platform named “Facebook Audience Network” within the content and get paid for them.

Facebook users generally share Instant Articles more than the ordinary web articles which is an advantage for website owners. One major limitation of Facebook Instant Articles is that it does not show the total share count within an article itself besides limiting the sharing options to Facebook and Twitter only Tools such as Google Analytics allow you to track visitor counts and traffic. Facebook has many users and from a marketing perspective, this is an ideal strategy to generate revenue through an audience network.

Google AdSense is another smart and simple way for website owners to earn money by displaying advertisements next to their online content. These ads are paid for and created by advertisers who wish to promote their products or services.

How AdSense Works

AdSense simply works by matching display ads and text to your website based on the number of visitors and your content. The amount of money earned on AdSense varies since advertisers normally pay different prices depending on the ad. Website owners usually make ad spaces available on their websites by posting an ad code on the site and will also choose where they want the ad to appear. Advertisers then bid for available space in a real-time auction after which the highest bidder or the highest paying ad shows on your site.

AdSense allows you to show engaging and relevant ads to the visitors on your site The good thing is that you can customize these ads to a look and feel that is both appealing and one that matches with your website design. The AdSense program delivers ads to your website then Google pays you for any advertisement displayed on your website depending on ad type and the number of user clicks on the ads. AdSense allows you to have automatic and instant access to a huge source of potential advertisers meaning that there is competition for available ad spaces, and you have a variety of relevant ads for your website.

AdSense will automatically serve ads that are specifically targeted to your audience or content which means you will not have to choose the type of ads to show on your site. The platform also enables you to see the ads that are up and running on your website. It is important to note that AdSense policies do not permit website owners to click on their own ads for whatever reason.

In case an ad appears on your site that you do not like, AdSense allows you to review and block individual ads through the “Allow & Block Ads” tab found in your AdSense account. Another advantage of AdSense is that it’s absolutely free to use.In fact, Google pays you for user clicks and impressions or any Google ad interaction displayed on your website. All you need to do is to submit an application which is reviewed in a weeks time and feedback is given by email.

Facebook instant Articles Vs Adsense ; Final Words

Both Facebook Instant Articles and AdSense have their own pros and cons and both can be used effectively to achieve a certain result. A wise online marketer will use both strategies to complement each other for maximum results.



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