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How to Increase Facebook Instant Articles eCPM and Earnings

We got a bunch of mails regarding “How to increase Facebook Instant articles eCPM and earnings ?”. So, Today we are going to discuss about on how we can increase Facebook Instant articles eCPM and earnings as well.We all know that being a publisher who are using adsense were struggling for CPC (cost per click) on our accounts nowadays.At the same time Facebook had introduced Facebook Audience Network that gives a decent eCPM for publishers.

We all know that Facebook is an good source of traffic. So that a publisher can gain better eCPM in Facebook instant articles with good amount of targeted traffic from different countries with good number of eCPM. Example: First tier countries like USA,UK,Canada.Even though there is enough eCPM, Some publishers can’t earn a good amount of earning due to low CTR (Click through rate) and traffic.The CTR and eCPM’s are co-related for good earnings of a publisher.

An Facebook Instant article publisher can increase the CTR (click through rate) by following ways :

1.Proper placement of Advertisements in Instant article post (Facebook Audience Network Ads)

Facebook Instant articles place the advertisements in between the articles automatically by Auto placements.But usually  the ads were placed on the bottom of the article that leads to low click through rate (CTR).This issue can be resolved by placing the advertisements manually.I’ll show you how we can place the advertisements manually in an Facebook Instant article bypassing the Facebook auto placements of ads.

Step 1 : Go to the Production articles tab on Instant articles in the Facebook page and click on the “Edit” button on an article.

Step 2 : Remove the meta tag for Facebook’s automatic ad placement.

Step 3 : Cut/Remove the advertisement code before the header close () as show in the image below.

Step 4 : Paste the Ad code in between the paragraphs in the article and click Save button.

Note : Your first paragraph of your article should have a minimum of 50 words to place an ad in between two paragraphs.

2. Placement of Recirculation units in the related posts.

Facebook had introduced these type of ad units as recirculation unites to engage the regular Instant article readers.The placement of an ad unit on the related posts can leads to advertisement clicks and impressions.I’ll show how to place recirculation units on an article.

Step 1 Go to the Production articles tab on Instant articles in the Facebook page and click on the “Edit” button on an article.

Step 2 :  Add the meta tag given below on your Facebook Instant Article.

Note : Replace YOUR-PLACEMENT-ID with your id. (Image shown below)

These two guides can help you out to improve your Facebook eCPM and earnings as well. These two factors and the quality of the traffic on your article will reflect on your eCPM. Hope this detailed guide helps you out. Do share to others.