The Uses Of Refractometer

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Refractometer | RefractometersA Refractometer is the most effective instrument that measures the refractive index of gases, liquids, and solids. It is a non-invasive device used to measure the speed of the light reduced in any solution. Inside it, a shadow line appears which can be viewed with the help of magnifying eye piece. In short, it is used for the identification of the substances. It is commonly used in beer making industry, vision care, veterinary medicine or in the study of gems. In vision care, it is used to test the eyesight and the nature of the glasses. In veterinary medicine, it is used to measure the levels of proteins in the blood serum and in the gems, it is used to determine their authenticity and quality.

One of the famous personalities named Erst Abbe created this instrument in the 18th century by using thermometers along with the circulating water baths. Its evolution is divided into four major categories and they are digital, traditional, Abbe and inline process. They can be easily carried and are very cost-efficient. In addition, they also don’t need high level of maintenance. By following the simple instructions, one can easily get instant results from it. Along with these benefits, it also has some drawbacks because it is not the direct method of testing. In some cases, it may provide you inaccurate results as it measures the total solution, but not the specific components present in it.

In traditional refractometer, a sample is placed between a prism and a small cover plate to measure the temperature. Digital handheld are most popular for its tolerance, light weight and water resistant abilities. These features helps to do as many as measurements in a very short period of time. The laboratory Refractometers are the best solution for the people who want results in parameters or outputs. Last but the not the least is Inline process. It is very versatile and save a lot of time and money. It is introduced for the continous measurement of the fluid. It includes a sensor and a control box which provide results in relay outputs to control valves. This type of measurement is most important in sugar, paper or pulp industries.

To get the best out refractometers, there are some circumstances to consider. Their results are more effective in a well-maintained, clean running and recently charged systems. It really does not matter for which reason you are using this instrument, they are come in large range of variety at a very affordable rate. The only part is calibration as it refers to the accurate reading. In order to calibrate it, one can put some drops of RO/DI. They help you to eliminate all the mess with no use of moving parts.

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