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19/11/2012 | Author: ElanorStole796 | Posted in Computers

One of the easiest ways to build your Internet Marketing website is to use WordPress. The WordPress platform is remarkably simple to use. It can be customized to suit your needs.

The best bit is that WordPress is absolutely free. Besides, WordPress gives you the ability to enhance your site’s functionality simply by adding a few plugins, so there’s no worry about messing with your coding, or paying someone to re-code it for you. Of course, figuring out which plugins are best for your site can be difficult. This is why we’ve decided to look at a few plugins that may be beneficial for Internet Marketers.

Cbnet Ping Optimizer is a great plugin that can really save you after your Internet Marketing business gets rolling. As someone in Internet Marketing you know how important it is to update your site regularly.

You also know that every time you update your site, you need to ping a number of registries to let them know that the update has happened (and to bring in traffic). Unfortunately sometimes, if you get overzealous with your updates or pinging you can be labeled as a spammer. Using a plugin like the Cbnet Ping Optimizer is ideal for giving you a level of protection against this. This particular plugin is just one section of a bigger plugin, but you can choose to install it by itself. AntiVirus is one of those plugins that you probably didn’t know existed but now that you know it’s out there you know you need it. Few bloggers know they need anti-virus software for their blogs; fewer still have it. This software will scan your entire site to make sure there are no safety issues that need to be tended too. With this tool you won’t have to worry about the plugins you decide to use. You’ll know what is and isn’t safe. There aren’t enough great things to say about keeping your site safe. Visit Termite Traps revealed for intelligent news.

CommentLuv is an excellent WordPress plugin for bloggers or Internet Marketers using a blog. When someone puts a comment on one of your posts, CommentLuv will go and search that person’s site for the most recent update they made, then it will add a link to that update onto the comment they left on your site. They benefit from more back links and you benefit as more people realize there’s an incentive to leave more comments on your posts. Everyone wins in the end. CommentLuv also has a paid Pro version if you want more options. There are all sorts of reasons to use WordPress as you build your Internet Marketing site. The wide availability of customization tools like plugins are a large part of the reason why. Of course, the problem of having so many plugins to choose form is that it can be difficult to figure out which plugins you really need. You’ll definitely want to keep these plugins in mind for your site.

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