Facebook Instant Articles for Blogger (Blogspot) Users – Guide

Have you ever tried to open up a link on a mobile or tablet and you click on the back button because you are frustrated while the page took so long to load.According to the internet giant Google 62% of the mobile traffic were abandoned if the page takes too long more that 3 seconds to load the desired page.This is the core reason that a publisher should consider on loading speed of their webpages.

The loading speed of a website is an headache for bloggers, but Facebook had introduced Facebook Instant Articles to solve that issue. Facebook Instant Articles are which look alike Google AMP which loads in milliseconds that enhance the user experience.Facebook had used the same technology in their mobile app for Facebook Instant Articles by loading the webpage on their self hosted portal. Facebook instant articles feed the content from website through API and RSS feeds.According to Facebook, Instant articles are 15 times faster than normal mobile web articles.This fast loading articles can increase your Facebook page engagement by 70% and post reach by 30%.

Facebook Instant Articles for Blogger (Blogspot) Users – Steps To Apply

How to apply for Instant Articles:

Step 1 : First of all you must have a Facebook page to apply for Instant Articles,If doesn’t you can create one here.

Step 2 : Click here to sign up for Facebook instant articles and select the page you need to enable for Facebook Instant articles.

Step 3 : Connect Your website to instant articles by copying the tag from the “Connect your Site” Section.

And paste below the tag in your blogger HTML section.And click on the Claim “URL” in the Facebook page.

Step 4 : Submit at least 5 sample articles manually  in “Production Articles” situated under the configuration. You can also submit sample articles via rss by giving your rss feed link (yourblog.blogspot.com/rss.xml) at “Production rss” section.

Step 5 : Submit your logo. After adding all the 5 sample articles the next step is to add a logo to your Facebook Instant articles.You can add a logo by simply go to the Configuration > Styles > Default and upload your unique LOGO and click save.

Step 6 : You’re done. Now you can click on “Submit for Review” it takes 2-3 business days to be reviewed manually by Facebook representative.

Once you were approved for Facebook Instant articles you can start publishing Instant articles.

These Guides can help you further.

How to Submit facebook Instant Articles Sample post Manually for blogger (blogspot) Users 






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