The Many Benefits of A Telescoping Ladder

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If you have ever tried to use one of those large, heavy metal slatted ladders you know that they can be a pain to deal with. They’re heavy, they never seem to want to move the way you want them to and nine times out of ten you end up with bumps and bruises because of the hard sharp edges on it. For many shorter people, using the traditional big and bulky ladders just doesn’t work for them. So what are you to do? Why get one of those easy to use telescoping ladders, of course!

Try a Telescoping Ladder like the Extend A Step

A telescoping ladder such as the Extend A Step Ladder is a great way to get to those hard to reach high places without having to lug around big, bulky ladders. The Extend A Step telescoping ladder is made to be easy to use and easy to store away too. The telescoping ladder is made of aircraft quality aluminum that easily extends from its storage size of 30 inches to a full 12.5 feet in a matter of seconds without any hassle, bumps or bruises. The ladder extends with just a push of a button allowing you to choose the height of the telescoping ladder so you can turn it into a handy step stool for an extra foot or two of reach, or you can extend it to its full height to clean out those gutters or to paint the outside of the house. The Extend A Step is made to be safe for those who use it and has non-slip end caps so that whatever surface you choose to use one of the telescoping ladders on you can be assured that the ladder won’t move on you. The Extend A Step telescopic ladder is only 25 pounds so even those who aren’t packed with muscle can carry it around to the needed location and use it easily. The telescopic ladder holds up to 330 lbs. as well so even a tall hefty man can feel assured in getting onto the telescopic ladder without any problems.

Use Telescoping Ladders with Ease in Small Cramped Areas

Many telescoping ladders like the Extend A Step are perfect for small jobs in apartments and lofts or in big projects around the house or construction site. They are made to be lightweight, easy to fold up and stow away in small places so they won’t take up a lot of space in your home. You can feel assured with a telescoping ladder like the Extend A Step to help you get projects done around the house with ease and all without ever getting those bumps and bruises like you would with the outdated traditional metal ladders.

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