Rapid Web Application Development using Telerik UI Controls

05/03/2012 | Author: OptiSol Business Solutions | Posted in Information Technology

Rich User Interface for Web Applications is no more just a desirable factor. User Interface elements offering great experience to the users has become the most important differentiator in deciding the success of a web application. The statement is true not just for the web application on the World Wide Web but also for the enterprise applications in the Intranet World.
The trends in User Interface keep changing and so does the demand for better and richer User Controls. The developers, who need to be spending time on complex algorithms and Business Logic, end up spending time on the various User Controls like Tree View, Grid View, and File Explorer etc. The fact is that the UI controls are pretty generic and can be used across multiple applications. However, the business logic is so unique to the specific problem. The developers should hence be focusing on the business logic implementation rather than the UI controls. Still, you can’t ignore the importance of User Controls. What business logic is useful, if the end user is not able to get access to it with the right kind of user controls?

Microsoft .NET framework offers various components and libraries for implementing complex algorithms and business logics to meet the varying needs of client requirements. Developing Custom Rich UI controls on top of these frameworks has always been time consuming effort for the development team. For a generic UI requirement, the development team has to spend time in analyzing the requirement, designing, developing and testing the User Control. For every project, developers have to re-invent the wheel. This ends up in increased time to market and a reduce Return on Investment for the clients.

When you choose .NET as a development platform there are several tools and components that are available to reduce the development time. The most important of them, especially in the Presentation Layer (UI Controls) technologies, is RadControls, provided by Telerik – UI Component suites for ASP.NET AJAX, Sliverlight, Windows Phone 7, WPF, Windows Forms and Telerik Extensions for ASP.NET MVC.

Telerik’sRadControls for ASP.NET AJAX set the bar for comprehensiveness, versatility, performance and reliability in the UI component industry. The UI components for ASP.NET AJAX provides intuitive API, Dazzling UI and yet great performance.

Telerik Extensions for ASP.NET MVC is a comprehensive set of native MVC, jQuery-powered UI components that help deliver richer apps to market faster. With their slick look and feel, optimized performance and aggressive release schedule, these components give developers more time to work on the business logic of the application, rather than re-inventing the user controls.

Telerik Web UI controls are hence ideal for RAD (Rapid Application Development) Development. With good customer support and lot of help resources, they are easier to understand and implement. Leveraging on these controls additional functionalities could be achieved in the web application fairly easily. They are easy to use and incorporate into an ASP.Net application. All the UI controls provided are tested and proven models with enough opportunity to customize them to fit your needs.

The usage of the Telerik Web UI Controls and Components in building Rich Internet Applications for sure increases the efficiency of the development team resulting in reduced time to market and increased Return on Investment (ROI) for the business. After all, the valuable developer time can be focused on the most important problems sharing the expertise of Telerik on the User Controls.

The development team at OptiSol Business Solutions (OptiSol) has great expertise in using Telerik Controls for ASP.NET based Web Applications. The team has assisted various clients launch their web applications with custom User Interfaces, fairly quickly, by utilizing the RAD Web UI controls and Components: ASP.NET AJAX and ASP.NET MVC, of Telerik.

For more information on Telerik Web UI Controls, Rapid Web Application Development, Please visit http://www.optisolbusiness.com

Author: OptiSol Business Solutions

OptiSol Business Solutions (OBS) is a business and technology solutions provider specializing in services to Small and Medium Businesses (SMB’s) and Independent Software Vendors (ISV’s).

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