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05/03/2012 | Author: OptiSol Business Solutions | Posted in Web Site

Did your website quit speaking business..? Renovate..!!

Have you ever wondered why even the gigantic sites likes Facebook, Gmail, Yahoo etc keep on evolving day by day? Is it just a feel good factor? Or are they just trying to be ‘on top’ of things? If you are still wondering, then you are probably missing out on one of most significant concepts of the generation – web application revamp.  Many businesses are in fact ignoring one of the fastest growing opportunities there has ever been. Researches point out that one in four businesses fails to update their online presence since inception. A great percentage of them miss any transactional element on their website and a quarter of them at least, have no mechanism of tracking the number of hits or conversions from their site.

With the change in this world coming to you all fast and furious your web presence can turn out to be obsolete in matter of weeks. Just imagine how your favorite websites used to be a few years back. Do you notice the difference?

A website is much more than a company’s smiling face on the internet. It carries along with it the profound and ultimate representation of your business, values, products, services, contacts, selling propositions, brand and the entire identity. Your website could be the first and probably the last touch point that your prospective clients and partners choose to have.  Think of possible lost opportunities as a result of a negative communication through your website.  Dreadful is it not.  Here are a few questions you may want to ask yourself before even considering a revamp:

1.    Can you make note of at least 3 major factors of your business that is not reflected on your website..?

2.    Has any of your repositioning, restructuring or a significant change been calling for online communication to the market but not yet done..?

3.    Do you reckon your site is not harnessing its maximum potential for traffic and leads..?

4.    Do you feel ‘left behind’ when you look at your competitors’ sites..?

5.    Does your website lack in complete reflection your business, products and services..?

If yes is your answer to any of the above, it’s high time a revamp is brought about. You can see the most important features are at the core and not just about the look and feel. Your online presence is a key marketing vehicle that can prompt passers-by to engage in a meaningful dialogue with the company. A well presented and managed website can be the best pull factor for your business. Let me point out in detail why a website or web application revamp is crucial for a company.

Advantages of a revamp:

Optimized search – Search engine friendly websites excel today. All the major engines are thirsty for fresh and compatible site content and practices and improving there will definitely reflect on your page rankings and hits. You should make no mistake in using the same Google analytics tracking code, ranking check, contact details, redirections and title tags. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the talk of the town and if a search can find you, you are likely to survive another recession.

Improved Navigation – The lesser the time a user takes to identify your offerings and content the better your chances of business. Page navigation is the key – it should be intuitive, modern and should make perfect sense. A user-friendly experience is a more likely to close some good sales. A potential customer frustrated searching for some info on your website is a real bad sign. The ‘where is what’ plays an important role in client’s timely decisions.

Share it on my ‘Facebook’ page – Integrating with social media is a huge leap onto the web presence. Social media is all the rage today. Being able to spread to the social media through your site not just makes you look hip also creates unbounded awareness about your business.  As we know that today internet marketing is evaluating towards web 2.0 and users are crazy about communicating & networking.

Ecommerce – A lot of older offline businesses have marked their presence online now by selling to those customers who are not in their immediate reach. The most modern ecommerce technologies are also evolving to provide the best buying experience for their customers. Some companies have even found that their business online is bringing in more revenue than the offline physical ones.

Learning new trends – Feedbacks from the customers or potential clients and real-time analytics help in studying the market. Integrating to numerous analytic tools will help accumulate invaluable insights about the business and competition.  This eliminates the need for huge budgets towards market research and competitive analysis.

Loads quicker – Time is money, time is business. If you can reduce the waiting time by seconds, there you go up on the other chart with dollars. It also reduces the chance of a visitor to bounce from your site to resume search on another website.

Blog it – Blogging is not just a great way to improve on SEO but all also a medium to reach potential customers.  Most of modern day websites come with a blog and it has been technically proved that a website with a blog has more number of hits than one which doesn’t.  Integrating a company blog to the website has never been worthier.  Also it can establish a thick connect with your customers enhancing reliability and trust.

Mobile Portability – The site is being accessed from multiple channels unlike yesterday. So having a mobile compatible version of the site or mobile application access like is really critical. Blackberry, Android and iPhone are eating off a major share of today’s internet visitor’s category.

Technology – Usage of most modern technology helps in a variety of ways. One minor example is Content Management System. Most of the modern web apps come with a CMS which allows better control of the application. The drag and drop kind of features make sure you don’t have to ring up a coder every time you have some work at the backend.

Right Branding – Keeps the overall branding strategy modern and fresh. Let’s your target audience see you are engaging them through your website and ensures right communication and also acts as a perfect channel to reflect the company’s businesses.

User Experience – Right from the home page design to the fonts, headers, layout structure and design – everything appealing plays its role in customers’ decision making.  A professional yet ‘cool’ website leaves a great impression on your prospective clients.

Reduced Cost – a well organized and well structured web application actually reduces the maintenance and management costs considerably.

Browser Compatibility – new browsers set in everyday and it is essential that our website is compatible with latest browsers like Firefox, IE, Safari, Chrome etc.

Screen Resolution accessibility – Laptops, palmtops, notepads, tablets you name it all comes with different screen resolutions and only modern day web applications can be accessed by all.

Content is also an integral part of your site and needs to be take care as well. Before you go in for a revamp, you should always:

1.    Question and understand your business priorities

2.    Evaluate the current website and related applications from interaction style to look and feel, language, actions, features and functions.

3.    Find out the most beneficial solution

OptiSol Business Solutions actively engages in meticulous consultative development in every phase of its design and development stages with the clients. OptiSol’s organizational structure and system ensures allocation of shared and non billable resources for every project like Project Managers, Associate Consultants, Business Analysts and Product Owners to successfully run the system of effective analysis and data capture before client site revamp and this helps to limit the project costs. If you would like to know more or would like to do a trial please feel free to mail in your request to info @ optisolbusiness.com

Author: OptiSol Business Solutions

OptiSol Business Solutions (OBS) is a business and technology solutions provider specializing in services to Small and Medium Businesses (SMB’s) and Independent Software Vendors (ISV’s).

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