Fantasy, Exotic, And Playful Fashion. A Quick Fix To Stay Ahead Of The Curve

12/02/2013 | Author: SteveDavis | Posted in Religion and Spirituality

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Today’s woman’s fashion changes so quickly. Right when you set up your wardrobe it may be already behind the times. Or you cant find a store with the trending look. It doesn’t have to be that way. Someone with a good eye doesn’t just see the trends ahead of times but identifies what fashions are here to stay. This article will help you identify some emerging trends that are “just that”, here to stay. We will also talk about some tips in finding whats right for you.

With everyone being bombarded with all kinds of visual media content there is one theme that constantly gets more and more, bigger and bigger. Fantasy! Fantasy themed movies, music, and other visuals is whats trending and there is no end of sight to what visuals you will see from the fantasy world. The audience is pretty dynamic. From young to old there is a fantasy for all. It is beautiful, fashionable, and extremely fun.

There are more and more sites more now than ever providing fantasy wear that is extremely fashionable for every taste. Whether you are going out for the evening or even staying in the night there is something for everyone. Attention getters and very luxurious items are available now. Just research Giorgio Armani and you’ll find Paris Hilton wearing a studded corset in leather, or Chanel’s Autumn/Winter 2012-2013 Haute Couture Show a cross of 13th century royal attire and snow fairies. There has been a huge explosion of Steam-punk, dark fantasy, retro fantasy pin-ups, or just about anything your mind can come up with. That means we all are fortunate to have some where to fit in and have fun. You can do this on a budget and still look like a million dollars.

Here are some examples.

Shoes/Boots/High Heels: Right now you may have noticed the extreme shoes, boots, and footwear that have been popping up everywhere. Studs, Rhinestones, Disco Mirrors, Leopard themed designs, and elegant high heels. Boots that are Super Hero, Retro, Gothic, and Dark Fantasy themed. Whither your just adding a fashion flare to your outfit or going all out these are really exciting.

Corsets: More and more we are seeing the Retro Seductive Corsets worn out on the town and very seductive back in for the night. Not only are these some of the sexiest piece in your Lingerie fantasy collection it slims out your figure and supports, it builds confidence. They are , provocative, yet fun and easy to wear. With a pair of jeans or a mini-skirt the are fantastic. Metallic Leopard print, Retro Saloon, Leather with Print. There are an explosion of designs and at a bargain price.

These are just some ideas to get you started. There is so much new product out there. It is trending right now and just getting started.

Tips on shopping:

Know your size:

Allot of sites will have great size charts but you need to measure yourself. Its actually pretty fast to do. Its your best chance at being happy with your purchase and not have hassles.

Know your color:

Reds may highlight your cheeks. There are plenty of blush colors to enhance you face. Black is very beautiful and seems to make some feel slimmer. Greens and yellows can wash you out depending on your skin tones. There are some fantastic colors like Constellation Blue, Black and Pink work well together. Maybe try something new like Leopard or a Metallic version of something bright.

Where to buy:

Traditionally you would have to go to your local store and wait for the fashions to get to the store. Traditional stores have lots of overhead like shipping, rent, staffing, etc. Now we have an internet right at our hands. Low cost, Secure payment, and Huge selections you do not see in the traditional stores. Internet is your best bet. Just make sure you know your size as described above. There are some sites that have a great collection in one place. To get you started you may want to try Miss Empress store. Just google it.

They have a great selection and some of the lowest prices on quality lines. Some others are generally Lingerie sites but not all have fantasy items. There is a lot of beautiful Lingerie that can double for night out events but you will just have to start looking now.

Its that easy to get started and make your fantasy come true. It is time that fashion is fun again.

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