Difference Of Smoking Electronic Cigarettes Compared To Tobacco

23/03/2012 | Author: domrich625 | Posted in Health

An electronic device designed to give the smokers the same experience of tobacco smoking. This is by vaporizing the liquid nicotine so it can be inhaled giving the smokers the same feeling, appearance and taste of nicotine but without the bad odor, ashes and the harmful chemicals that is being inhaled when smoking tobacco cigarettes. Although at first glance, electronic cigarettes are just similar to your regular tobacco cigarettes. There are actually a lot of differences of smoking electronic cigarettes compared to tobacco cigarettes. Electronic cigarettes are considered as the healthier alternative to tobacco.

Tobacco cigarettes produce smoke by kindling the tip of the cigarette so that its contents are burned. The burning of tobacco and tar produces more than four thousand harmful and carcinogenic chemicals that when inhaled causes serious health problems like respiratory and cardiovascular diseases including cancer in the mouth, throat and lung. Electronic cigarettes on the other hand, heat the liquid nicotine which is usually made from glycerin or propylene glycol using a heater that is powered by a battery. This process is the same with the how the humidifier or nebulizer converts its solutions into a vaporize mist so that it can be inhaled.

When the cost is counted, it will show that in the long run, electronic cigarettes are far cheaper than tobacco cigarettes. Tobacco cigarettes are bought per stick or per pack, and if you are a heavy smoker you might be able to consume 1 pack each day. But with electronic cigarettes, all you need to do is to purchase the device and sometimes it already comes with a set of refills that can last you for several months. When you ran out of liquid nicotine, all you need to do is just to purchase refills and you can enjoy your smoke. This creates less pollution to the environment as there are no cigarette butts and ashes that need to be thrown away. The vapor from electronic cigarettes also doesnt pollute the air. So switching to electronic cigarettes greatly help lessen our carbon footprint in our atmosphere. As you can see, smoking electronic cigarettes compared to tobacco cigarettes is more friendly not only to your budget but to the environment too.

The fact that electronic cigarettes need not to be kindled with a match or lighter makes it a lot safer to use, because it eliminates the risk for fires. The contents also of the liquid nicotine are nonflammable so its safe to use in public places or even inside your home. Another danger of smoking tobacco cigarettes is the risk for other people to inhale the smoke coming from the cigarette. This is known as second hand smoke and its more dangerous especially for the children and the elderly. But the good thing about electronic cigarettes is that the vapor or smoke that comes out from the device only contains nicotine and no other harmful chemicals come out from it.

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