Finding an Affordable Electronic Cigarette Kit

30/03/2012 | Author: noelgill994 | Posted in Mens Issues

An affordable way for you to start enjoying the benefits of smoking electronic cigarette is by purchasing an electronic cigarette kit. The electronic cigarette kit is a complete package that includes everything that a new electronic cigarette would need. Each kit would include all the important components of an electronic cigarette such as the battery, charger, atomizer, refill cartridges and the electronic cigarette device.

The electronic cigarette device is battery operated. Depending on the design or model of your electronic cigarette device, the battery would either be a rechargeable lithium ion similar to the ones used in mobile phone or a rechargeable AA or AAA battery. A single charge of battery can usually last for several hours of usage. Some electronic cigarette starter kit may include a car and USB charger to give the users more options for recharging the battery of the e-cigarette device whenever they are using it away from the home or office.

Purchasing directly from electronic cigarette kit suppliers would give you more benefits as items that come directly from suppliers are far cheaper compared to the exactly the same item sold at retail outlet stores. The most affordable way of buying an electronic cigarette kit is over the internet. You can visit the website of sellers of electronic cigarette kit in the UK and you can take advantage of the limited time discounted price of their electronic cigarette kit.

The basic electronic cigarette starter kit that you can buy online is sold for only ?22.00 for a complete kit. The items are placed in a trendy box and it consists of the battery, atomizer, main device, chargers and assembled filter. There are 3 kinds of chargers that are included in the package, one for the car and the other is a standard USB charger for computers and laptops, and the main battery charger that is plugged in the wall socket in your home or office. This basic electronic cigarette kit also comes with five refill cartridges that is equal to 200 sticks of tobacco cigarettes.

For users who are looking for more discounts or those who are heavy smokers, then there is also an electronic cigarette kit that is composed of more refill cartridges. A single box of tips or refill cartridges would normally cost around ?9 to ?15 per box of 5 atomizers. But if you add just ?13 on the basic electronic starter kit or pay a total of ?35, you will not only get a complete high quality electronic cigarette kit but also two additional boxes of refill cartridges or tips. Thats already equal to 600 sticks of cigarette.

All the products that are being sold by suppliers of electronic cigarette kit come with a warranty from the manufacturer so you can be sure that the items youll purchase are high quality and will work for a long period.

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